Utrecht Summer School course

The summer course ‘Molecular Mechanisms in Cancer’ is organised by the Cancer, Stem cells and Developmental biology research schoolsummer school foto (www.csnd.nl). The course focuses on the molecular mechanisms that turn a normal cell into a cancer cell. We explore the regulation of cell cycle progression, the control of transcription regulation and the signaling networks that enable cells to execute vital processes such as growth, division and migration, and how malfunctioning of these processes may lead to tumour formation and metastasis.

State of the Art
The students are introduced to state of the art methods in molecular cancer research and novel strategies for developing and testing drugs to halt the formation of tumours. The course combines lectures, discussions, laboratory tours, and a hands-on experiment.

Topics covered during the course include: oncogenes and tumour suppressors, tumour evolution, tumour segregation, signal transduction pathways, aneuploidy, cell adhesion, intravital imaging of tumour progression and metastasis, sequencing, epigenetics, gene expression, stem cells, organoids, animal models and personal genomes.

The course has a limited capacity of 20 students, to ensure personal attention and a comfortable learning environment. The course has been organised for 5 years and is mostly followed by foreign advanced bachelor and master students. We have had applicants from countries all over the world, such as Mexico, Bulgaria, Japan, South Africa, Portugal and Nicaragua.

In previous years, students made the following comments:
- Excellent combination of lectures and effectively organised tours.
- There is a lot of interaction and discussion possible with the lecturers.
- The material covered during the course gave me brilliant insights in what cancer exactly is and where the future of effective treatment lies.
- The diversity of students’ backgrounds allowed encountering the same field from an international perspective.

The course takes place at the University Medical Center Utrecht (Department of Molecular Cancer Research) and the Hubrecht Institute for Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research.

More information can be found at the Utrecht Summer School website


28 Aug 2017

Amgen Foundation launches Amgen Biotech Experience in the Netherlands

In the next three years, the DNA Labs on the Road will collaborate with the Amgen Biotech Experience to educate Dutch high school students about biotechnology.

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16 Jun 2017

CGC members awarded Spinoza Prize

We proudly congratulate our CGC members Alexander van Oudenaarden and Albert Heck for being awarded the Spinoza Prize. Albert Heck, isprofessor in the field of mass spectrometryand proteomics. Alexander van Oudenaarden is professor of quantitative biology of gene regulation and director of the Hubrecht Institute. 

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18 Nov 2016

Gogola wins CGC poster award

On November 18th, Ewa Gogola (NKI) was awarded with the CGC poster award 2016. Eva received the award during the KIT meeting on Genomic Instability in Cancer for her poster entitled 'Loss of PARG causes PARP inhibitor resistance in BRCA2-deficient mouse mammary tumors'.

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16 & 17 Nov 2017

CGC annual meeting New Horizons in Cancer Research

On 16-17 November 2017, CGC will host its annual meeting entitled 'New Horizons in Cancer Research'. Attendance is free of charge however. Registration is closed.  Location: Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen, Mauritskade 63 Amsterdam.  

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29 Sep 2017

CGC PI meeting

This year 10 new PI's joined the CGC consortium. During the meeting on September 29 they will present their work and expertise. 

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31 May - 02 Jun 2017

Workshop: Functional Analysis of Sequence Variants in Hereditary Breast- and Ovarian Cancer Genes

Improving Genetic Counseling and Cancer Treatment Strategies

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